Blendell mesmerizes with his credibility" -LA Stage Raw ("Christmas Present" at Sacred Fools Theater)

"It’s incredible to see Troy Blendell work as Colin....It’s hard not to feel inspired when you watch Blendell perform, his command of the story and stage cannot be overstated. An achievement. Front Row Reviewers ("The Christmas Present")

"...uniformly strong cast led by Troy Blendell'Schoenberg"

-Stage Happenings ("Fugue" at Echo Theater)

"Troy Blendell could not be more perfect" Backstage ("Christmas Present" at Sacred Fools Theater)


"Blendell gives a superb performance" -Hollywood Reporter ("Do Not Disturb" at Theatre of Note)


"A Sublime Troy Blendell" -LA WEEKLY ("Do Not Disturb" at Theater of Note)

Stage Raw 2017 award nominee

for Comedy Performance for "Phrazzled" at Theatre of Note!







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